HubSpot Certifications!

HubSpot Certifications!

HubSpot Certifications!

In my attempt to continue learning and growing while in-between full-time jobs, I’ve kept myself busy pursuing two HubSpot certifications: Inbound and Email Marketing.

After reading a Glassdoor article about which certifications actually impress recruiters, I decided to start with a HubSpot Inbound certification. After about a week of studying and a notebook full of new vocabulary, theories, and insights, I took the test.

I passed!

Armed with my new certification, I started to check out what else HubSpot had to offer. With so many job boards advertising a need for email marketing specialists, I started a second HubSpot certification in Email Marketing, which I finished earlier this week. While not as revolutionary conceptually as the Inbound certification, I did learn about different kinds of email, technical terms like deliverability and send rate and how to measure them, and tactics such as A/B testing and the Pyramid Model. It was helpful to have the Inbound certification behind me as all of HubSpot’s courses are built around the Inbound methodology of being “human and helpful.”

Now that I’ve finished those, I’m slowly working my way through the Google Analytics certification while I apply what I learn to my brand consulting for JED Athletes.

HubSpot Inbound certificate

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