What Can I Do For Your Business?

As a digital marketing consultant, I help businesses find new business and connect with their target market online.

As a brand strategist and community builder, I help companies build a network of loyal consumers by fostering relationships through meaningful marketing and bonding brand experiences.

In other words, I help companies identify what their target market cares about, what their company can offer that market, and how to communicate that offering effectively, all in a way that is backed by data.

No matter your industry or size, I can help your business connect with your audience through

  • Website creation and optimization to create an excellent user experience and convert website traffic into purchasing customers
  • Communication audits to identify potential customers you’re not yet reaching
  • Brand strategy to turn potential customers into loyal buyers
  • Targeted paid social to get your business in front of the right eyes at the right time
  • New and effective social media strategy and content to engage your customers and attract new ones
  • Search engine optimization (or SEO) to get more organic traffic to your online channels
  • Blog creation and content to establish your business as an industry expert and improve credibility
  • Email marketing to keep your customers moving through your business funnel by keeping them connected, informed, and buying

Why I Do It

I believe in the power of community. People are social beings, and we find purpose, belonging, and satisfaction through our communities. People want to be connected. Our families, friends, peers, and extended networks all define a piece of who we are, and with the right community, we can come together to do great things. In the technologically advancing society we live in today, we have access to larger and more diverse communities than ever before, and we’re still learning how to leverage the tools we have to better connect the world.

Businesses have a particularly powerful ability to connect people. Big business often gets a bad rap for its role in society, but in a society where consumers have options and increasingly choose to support companies that actively demonstrate corporate social responsibility, they’re quickly adopting new socially and environmentally conscious approaches.

The landscape of the business world is quickly changing as businesses’ corporate social responsibility efforts increasingly dictate a business’s success or failure.

I offer companies research-backed strategies to help maneuver that changing landscape.

How I Got Here

Growing up in a small town in California, my mom was the ultimate hostess. Both she and my dad grew up there, and she knew absolutely everyone. She’d owned a preschool before I was born, was an active member of her church, and was a part of several social circles. We couldn’t leave the house without running into someone she’d had in preschool or knew from one place or another. Growing up, our house was the neighborhood hub. We knew virtually everyone on the street, and friends were always welcome. There was rarely an afternoon I’d come home to a quiet house.

It took me a while to realize how much that connected, neighborly backdrop of my childhood shaped who I am. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve found friends wherever I’ve gone, but it’s also been a priority. Taking a page from my mom’s book and tweaking it a little, I became a source of connections for my friends and family through various clubs and endeavors I started in junior high and high school. What started out as a slew of seemingly disconnected passion projects has turned into a purposeful passion for connecting people.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. I chose to go to school to gain the tools I’d need to effectively reach large groups of diverse people. I chose this career to continue doing what I love: building communities by connecting people through meaningful and memorable experiences.

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  • Hi Samantha!

    I love your style! I’m looking for a brand manager for my small start up… would love to know more about you and if this would be something you’re interested in. I have a small blog at the moment but I’m looking to expand. Please email me at FreakInTheStreets@ymail.com

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